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Sunday 21 June 2015

Contemporary Terrace And Driveway For Victorian Villa, Humber Road, North Ferriby, East Yorkshire, HU14 3DW

Landscape Masterplan For Rear Terrace.

3D Visual Of Rear Terrace.
Image Of Existing Rear Garden.
Landscape Masterplan For Driveway.
Image Of Existing Driveway.

This large detached Victorian villa in North Ferriby has recently had a large, white rendered extension built at it's rear with several sets of bi-fold doors. The front of the property is also to be externally insulated/rendered to match the rear and the existing garage is due to be demolished and re-built to match the property.

The implementation of these extensive building works have damaged the existing garden surfaces and, on a positive note, opened up opportunities for the the rear garden/front driveway to be improved to suit the new house internal layout and the family's modern lifestyle.

Upon my suggestion, the new garage is probably going to be re-built in the same position but slightly rotated on it's axis so that the garage runs parallel to the property.

The existing gravel surfaced driveway is to be removed and replaced with a grey coloured concrete block paved drive to compliment the white rendered property. Several bands of a rougher surfaced, darker block paver are to be installed to visually break up the large expanse of paving and add interest. New timber garden gates are to be installed between the new garage and the house.

To the rear, the bands of darker paving form a larger body of paving and meet a large terrace of blue/black granite paving which runs around the perimeter of the house.

Beyond the main granite terrace, the central portion of the garden is to be raised up by approximately 18 inches behind new retaining walls and turfed. This new turfed area will flow in to the existing large lawn to the rear of the garden.

The new retaining walls will be constructed from red engineering bricks to match the base of the building and the new steps and wall coping will be paved with a buff coloured sandstone to match the parapet coping detail on the new extension.

This project is expected to be constructed in 2016 and is currently being priced by a local landscape contractor.

Contemporary Front Garden, Holtby Gardens, Dunswell Lane, Cottingham, East Yorkshire, HU16 4JX

 A View Of The Recently Completed Garden Looking From The Front Door.
A View Of The Recently Completed Front Garden Looking From The Road
The Concept Design For The Front Garden / Drive.
The Existing Garden Prior To It's Transformation.

This small front garden project was initiated by Ashwood Services who had a request from a prospective customer to transform a boring turfed front lawn in to an low-maintenance, all-year-round-interest, focal point that gave the property more "kerb appeal".

The Client owned a high-end kitchen design/manufacturing company and had recently down-sized to this smaller house and was struggling to park two cars on the existing tarmac driveway and still be able to access them/easily pass by without standing on the grass.

The plan was therefore to, in effect, widen the driveway by providing "stepping stones" that the couple could stand on in all-weathers. These were laid in a grid pattern at the Client's request as they had seen similar front gardens done in Australia when visiting relatives and liked the look.

The couple's rear garden had already been landscaped in a contemporary manner by a builder (who built them a modern extension with bi-fold doors) and they had planted this up themselves using "architectural plants" such as box hedging, bamboos and palms etc. The initial idea was to replicate this look frontways but the Client changed their mind slightly in favour of less exotic looking plants but ones still with interesting forms etc.

Raised timber planters were constructed using new, chunky, treated softwood "railway sleepers" and these were stained black using a specialist "barn paint".

A relatively cheap white gravel was used to mulch most of the area as this was the gravel used predominantly on the rest of the housing development and was easily sourced locally.

All planted areas were top-dressed with a layer of contrasting "river cobbles" and two bands of red colored block paving were installed to compliment two similar brick bands on the property and to help tie the two together.

Monday 8 June 2015

Large Traditional Rural Garden, Heads Lane, Hessle, East Yorkshire, HU13 0JU

Landscape Masterplan (Back).
 Rendered Image Of New Raised Brick Pools And Terraces.
Rendered Image Of New Raised Brick Pools And Terraces.
View Of Recently Constructed Extension.
 Existing Georgian Ornamental Pond To Be Retained.
Landscape Masterplan (Front And Annex Garden).
 View Of Dirt Track Leading To Property And Existing Barn (To Be Part Demolished).

 View Of Recently Renovated Property And Large Existing Cedar Tree (To Be Retained).
 View Of The Properties Extensive Garaging.

The above large rural property is located at the end of a long "dirt track" off Heads Lane, Hessle, East Yorkshire.

The property has been recently extended to the front and rear and the house sits in large grounds extending over 1 acre.

A large extension at the rear (built over a demolished swimming pool) now incorporates a large open-plan kitchen/day room and has been built with a flat roof to incorporate a large balcony above.

The site has been largely levelled by the building contractor and the only substantial feature that is to be retained is an original "Georgian" stone ornamental pool.

The Design Brief for this area was to cover as much of the area as possible with hard-landscaping (paving) to keep the maintenance down to a minimum, but to provide interest by having various different levels and changes in material.

A main criteria was that the terrace areas should be easily accessible from the property for all the family (which includes an elderly relative) and so steps and ramps were necessary on the surfaces which includes, grey Indian Sandstone paving, sawn Indian Sandstone paving, reclaimed granite setts and hardwood decking.

The inclusion of two large raised water-pools was also part of the Client's wishes as was shading structures for the property/terraces and a structure to house solar panels as the house is South facing in an open aspect.

The existing garden is well-stocked with plants and the Client expressed that as many plants as possible are to be up-lifted and re-positioned when construction occurs.

Attached to the main property there is a self-contained annex which has it's own courtyard garden. This garden features attractive brick walls and mature planting but is in need of a major tidy up/prune. A large number of existing concrete pavers retained on the site are to be laid in this garden to cover the area as much as possible and this is to be softened with gravel beds and planting to create a low-maintenance garden for the tenants.

To the front of the property is a large square-shaped courtyard/parking area bounded by the property, a large brick agricultural barn next door (which is to be part demolished as part of a large neighbouring housing development), the Clients extensive garaging and a farmer's field (which is also to be built on).

The Brief for the front was to come up with a scheme where the existing tarmac surfacing (which is currently under a layer of weedy growth/gravel) is top-dressed with new hard-wearing gravel with well-defined physical edging. Beyond the edging is to be newly prepared planting beds with the best of the existing shrubs retained. The scheme is also to include entrance ramp/access footpaths to the property which are to be constructed from similar materials to those in the back.

My design allows for a series of inter-connecting spirals based on the "Golden Rectangle" and the gravel to be laid is 22mm sized grey Nordic Granite and the edge blocks are to be granite effect concrete blocks.

This scheme is currently with a Landscape Contractor for pricing and all being well should commence being constructed late in 2015.

Monday 4 May 2015

Contemporary Garden Design, Church Lane, Kirkella, Nr. Hull, East Yorkshire, HU10 7TA

Proposed Granite Paved Terrace And White Rendered Retaining Walls.
Existing Concrete Paved Terrace And Banking During Property Renovation.
Proposed Artificial Turf Lawn And Sunken Trampoline.
Existing Muddy, Sloping Turf Lawn And Swing Set During Property Renovation.
Proposed Outdoor Kitchen, Composite Plastic Decking And Hot Tub Entertainment Area.
Existing "Dead Space" During Property Renovation.
Proposed Resin Bonded Gravel Driveway And Raised Planting Beds.
Makeshift Informal Parking Area During Property Renovation.
Proposed Bespoke Timber Screening And Pedestrian Gate.
Existing Property Entrance During Property Renovation.
3D CAD Render Of Proposed Garden Landscape.
Proposed Landscape Design Masterplan.

The above property is a single storey 1960's "bungalow" located down a side lane off Church Lane, Kirkella, East Yorkshire.

Originally an architect-designed building, the property is currently undergoing a major remodel and is being extended.

The finish is to be typical of a lot of contemporary properties I am fortunate enough to design the gardens for and is to be a white rendered "box" style with grey aluminium bi-fold doors / windows and a grey fibreglass flat roof.

The properties owners are a very busy couple with two businesses and several children and so the Garden Design Brief was to produce a finished garden that is very easy to care for, is suitable for a growing family, is relaxing, is good for holding parties/entertaining guests and looks very contemporary to match the style of the building renovation.

The dominant feature of the design is to be a very large artificial grass lawn. The Client's son is a very keen footballer and the existing lawn slopes and has muddy patches. The plan, therefore, is to "skirt lift"/remove  the lower vegetation of the surrounding evergreen planting (to gain more lawn space), level off the proposed lawn and install a quality artificial lawn that will look good all-year-round and provide all weather usage.

The families existing, large trampoline is to be "sunken" flush with the proposed lawn and a small set of timber play equipment is to be installed in the far corner (which may be removed at a later date).

The facade of the property is to be predominantly glazed with large "picture windows" and bi-fold doors and will have numerous access points to the surrounding grounds. The main terrace/patio is to be constructed using "flame finished" granite pavers and the perimeter of the building is to have a 300mm wide gravel strip surround (to avoid cutting pavers around down-pipe gullies etc) to maintain a crisp, contemporary look.

The proposed lawn areas natural topography is approximately one metre above the proposed paved areas and, therefore, white rendered concrete block retaining walls are to be constructed to match the property.

The space outside the proposed kitchen is currently an unused "dead space" so the Client's plan is to install a hot tub in this area (which they have already purchased and is on site). Around the hot tub is to be a grey composite deck (artificial) which would be pleasant to walk on in bare feet, has good anti-slip properties and is easy to maintain. I also proposed that an "outside kitchen" was built in this area and the Client loved this idea.

The extension being built at the rear of the property is to house a "boot room" and utility area. The family intend to use this entrance as their everyday access to the property. Contemporary "linear" block paved footpaths are to link this entrance to other parts of the garden.

As mentioned previously, the property lies at the end of long lane. The existing driveway/car-parking area in front of the garage does not easily allow vehicle turning once another car is parked and so the Client's idea is to create a large driveway area in the unused area between the new extension and the existing outside office/garage. This hard-standing is to be surface with "resin-bonded gravel" to provide a very attractive, all-year-round multi-use surface. This large expanse of  surfacing is to be visually "broken up" with bands of charcoal coloured narrow block pavers that form a grid pattern over the site and also edge the existing tarmac driveway (which is to be re-surfaced).

This garden site is bordered by the rear fences of many adjacent neighbour's gardens and these are in various stages of dis-repair. It is proposed that a two metre high, contemporary, horizontal paled, bespoke timber fence is erected around the whole perimeter of the site to compliment the garden/property and that matching pedestrian garden gates are constructed to control access to the more private parts of the garden.

This design was commissioned in February of 2015 and was handed over completed to The Client in April. The construction of the property is still ongoing with the landscape works due to commence on site this Summer.

Location: Off Church Lane, Kirkella, East Yorkshire.
Client: Private.
Garden Designer: David Beasley.

Wednesday 14 January 2015

2015 Outdoor Kitchen Area Design With Pizza Oven, Television And Sunken Hot-Tub, Sprotbrough, Doncaster, DN5 7JH

Completed Project.
Outdoor Entertaining Area With Sunken Hot-tub.
Outdoor Kitchen Featuring Pizza Oven And Television.
Landscape Design Masterplan.
Existing Area With Trampoline.
View Towards The Property.

This is my most recent Garden Design and is for a large detached executive property in the village of Sprotbrough which is near Doncaster in South Yorkshire. To the rear of the garden is a steep wooded embankment with partial views down to the River Don below.

I surveyed the garden just before Christmas 2014 and forwarded the drawing as a PDF file this week using Dropbox.

The Design Brief for the project is pretty straight-forward. The Client, who is a businessman with a growing family, wants to turn an area of his garden into an outdoor entertainment area incorporating a hot-tub (already purchased), pizza oven, outdoor tv, drinks fridges and storage. The Client also wanted dark contemporary paving and rendered blockwork walls/structures with a granite work-top.

The Client purposely wants the new area to have the same "footprint" on plan as the existing area and wants to keep the area open-plan but may add some containerised planting to provide some screening/shelter and privacy.

The Client has his own builder in place from a previous building extension and is looking to construct the area during early 2015.

*UPDATE* The Client kindly sent me a photograph of the completed project (above) which the builder had followed to a "t". The only main exception is that the walls have been rendered a white colour rather than the dark grey/black which I suggested.

Location: Copley Gardens, Sprotbrough, Doncaster, South Yorkshire.
Client: Private.
Garden Designer: David Beasley.

Monday 5 January 2015

Garden Design Details, Contemporary Gardens UK

Viewing my own design images on various Social Networking Platforms, it has come to my attention the my drawings look very good and clear when "blown up" i.e. closer in.

To demonstrate this fact, please find below some examples of my design visualisations "zoomed in" so that you can see the level of detail that I go to with all my Garden Designs and "Artist's Impressions".

The design above shows a "utility" paved area hidden behind a curved white rendered concrete block wall. The three curved structures near the house are stainless steel water-features. The curved wall has three windows in it which are to be filled with transparent acrylic panels. The grey coloured box is a raised rendered planter/seat and the central yellow square is a garden light whose colours can be controlled using an ipad! The white slender uprights are the posts for a glazed veranda canopy (not shown). The property shown is this image is currently being built.
The image above shows two large raised paved terraces edged with tall hedges and separated by a water-feature which compromises of a slate-clad wall and a corten steel "blade" which produces a vertical sheet of water. This property is due to have a significant extension built this year and the Client wanted the Garden design in place beforehand.
The above visual shows white rendered concrete block walls constructed to form a raised planter and gate columns. Between the columns is hung a set of timber double driveway gates. The driveway is to be constructed from Marshalls Tegula concrete blocks and is edged in a triple band of similar blocks. This property is currently being renovated by the Client.
The above render shows part of a large courtyard that was landscaped in 2010. Cascading water-features (made from lead) flank new hardwood steps which lead on to a new Indian sandstone terrace. Topiary in faux lead planters are distributed throughout the garden and the rest of the planting was all artificial/synthetic!

Friday 2 January 2015

Garden Design Ideas Hull, Beverley, East Yorkshire And North Lincolnshire.

During 2014 I celebrated 10 years self-employment as a Garden Designer.

Mainly designing private domestic gardens is the Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire, I have also designed gardens in Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire and as far away as Surrey. With advances in 3D computer design software and the internet, this trend will no doubt (hopefully) continue.

To mark this event I have compiled a pictorial collection of my favorite designs/images produced by myself over the years (further examples can be seen here in my Portfolio):


Read more about the above project here

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