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Wednesday 31 December 2014

Contemporary Family Garden Design, Woodgates Lane, North Ferriby, East Yorkshire, HU14 3JY

Raised Timber Deck With Contemporary Galvanised Steel Balustrade.
Recently Installed Cedar Cladding, White Rendered Walls And Stainless Steel Trim To Deck.
Deck Detail.
New Fencing And Sunken Trampoline.
Brick Retaining Wall And Granite Plank Terrace.
Extension Footings Being Set-out And Installed.
Earlier Proposal For Rear Garden (Not Adopted).
Hardwood Step Installation And Driveway Improvements Being Undertaken.

To utilise my spare time over the Christmas break, I have taken the opportunity to post up some large projects from a few years back and some smaller (general landscaping) jobs I have designed this year.

Please keep scrolling down the posts and press the "older" button if necessary to see the interesting large gardens that I have designed/help construct during 2014.

I started working on the above project in 2005 whilst I was still undertaking "hands-on" landscaping as a self-employed contractor. My drawings were a bit more basic at the time so I have chosen not post them up.

This project, on-and-off, kept me occupied for about four years including help Project Manage the construction of a large extension to the rear of the property and major internal re-modelling to make the house open-plan.

My first task was to design and help construct a large raised deck over an existing crumbling raised patio area. My design included the fitting of contemporary galvanised mesh balustrades around the deck with stainless steel trim to the perimeter.

I was then given the task to enlarge and improve the existing tarmac driveway which was to be edged in Marshall Tegula block paving and include two diagonal bands that focused the eye on the properties front door.

The existing concrete steps at the front door were built over with a hardwood deck which also incorporated lighting, a raised planter and was again edged in stainless steel.

The next major project was to hire a large JCB to up-root lots of self-seeding Sycamores that were getting quite large clearing the fence-lines for a future fence. Whilst the machine was on site it was used to excavate a large hole in the chalk underneath the site to house a sunken trampoline. Once the new 2 metre high feathered-edge timber fence was erected, the trampoline was installed in place and landscaped around.

After doing all this landscape work I was dropped the bombshell that the Client now wanted to greatly extend the property and completely re-model the interior so that it was mainly open-plan downstairs whilst cladding/rendering the exterior so that the boundary of old property and new extension was seamless! All of the proposed building work was obviously going to have an impact on the recently installed landscape features such as the driveway which was used for storage and mixing etc. but fortunately, I was asked (along with my Father) to help Project Manage the build and thus reduce any potential damage.

The next major landscape project as part of this process was creating a large paved terrace at the rear of the property. As you can see from the images above, there was a large grass covered chalk bank running the full length of the garden. This was excavated into and a brick retaining wall (designed by myself after rejecting the architect's for being only 600mm away from extension!) was built the full length.

After also setting out the extensions foundations, the area between the extension and the wall was paved by myself using granite "planks".

Surprisingly, after the upheaval of completing all the building and landscape works, the owners of the house put it up for sale and moved a year later.

Contemporary Garden Design, Kemp Road, Swanland, East Yorkshire, HU14 3LY

Proposed Property Entrance Features.
Birds Eye View Also Showing Breakfast Deck.
Ariel View Showing Full Extents Of The Site.
Recently Completed Water Feature And Planting.
Silver/Grey Granite Terrace.
Hard And Soft Landscaping Completed.

Existing Garden Prior To Building Works And Landscaping.

This large-sized contemporary family garden off Kemp Road in Swanland, East Yorkshire was designed during 2008.

Prior to commencing my design, the garden was mainly laid to lawn with an existing timber deck to the side (with views over the Humber), an existing concrete slab paved area on the front elevation of the house and a long tarmac driveway leading out to the road.

The Design Brief was as follows: The Client (who was a local builder) wanted to make a feature of the main entrance to the property and wanted a garden to entertain and relax in that was also "child-friendly".

The main design-feature was to be a large terrace constructed from granite paving and an arrangement of raised beds/a water feature around a central chimney breast (that was to be rendered a charcoal colour). Also, a low timber deck was to constructed as a (South facing) place to relax just outside the kitchen door. The property was still in the process of being renovated and the long-term goal was to put a Landscape Masterplan in place that could be adopted over time.

This design was completed and  handed over to the Clients during 2008. The landscape construction works took place later that year and the photographs of the completed garden were taken soon after when I returned to site and undertook the turfing and some planting for the Clients.

As the Client was a builder, and I had no involvement in Project Managing the scheme, he did slightly veer away from my design (i.e. missing out the "banding" in the paving and the front step "pergola".

Location: Swanland, East Yorkshire.
Client: Private.
Garden Designer: David Beasley.

Tuesday 30 December 2014

Simple Garden Design Examples, East Yorkshire, 2014

Not all the Garden Design drawings I get asked to do are for large or complicated projects.

I produce a lot of 3D visuals for schemes where a little design input is required but the main emphasis is on producing an accurate "artist's impression" that can be easily interpreted/understood by all involved (customer/contractors/neighbours etc.) and quantified for pricing purposes.

The majority of the following images have been produced for Ashwood Services during 2014.

Some of the projects have been built on site whilst others are in the pipeline.

For many examples of gardens I have designed for larger (mainly executive) properties keep scrolling down the blog and click on the "older" button when at the bottom of the page.

This is a simple design I produced for a friend of mine. He has had a new extension built on the back of his property, he has an existing hardwood summer-house and his property backs on to the fields of Anlaby Common. He plans to purchase a wood-burning stove for outside use and wanted me to show this on a new patio with an overhead covered timber/poly-carbonate sheet pergola. I also suggested that he constructed a new rear timber boundary fence with "windows" cut out to retain the attractive views over the fields.
The rectangular object in the foreground of this image is a garden office/"man-cave". It was delivered and erected in 2013 and the customer wanted a new footpath to link up to one at the side of the property to provide all-year-round access. An existing timber deck adjacent the house was also to be replaced with a new, larger deck (with a glazed balustrade).
The above image is for a project where an existing shared-drive consisting of cracked concrete slabs was to be replaced with a block-paved driveway with informal gravel parking to the sides.
This was another driveway project where concrete slabs were to be replaced with block paving. The drive previously only had one entrance/exit so the plan was to create a "horse-shoe" shaped area with a second opening.
The raised planting beds and lower flight of steps in this project were existing, as was the upper/lower lawn areas. The plan was to re-instate the existing sleepers and install another flight of steps up a steep bank (mid-way up the garden) and stain them all black. The upper and lower lawns were to be re-turfed, the beds extensively planted up and a contemporary granite patio terrace created adjacent to the property.

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