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Thursday 2 October 2014

Flemingate Mews Garden, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17

Landscape Design Masterplan.
Proposed Raised Deck And Granite Patio.
Existing Raised "Planter".
Proposed Raised Planters And Barbecue.
Existing Garden.

This small-sized courtyard garden in the new Flemingate Development in Beverley, East Yorkshire was designed during the Late Summer of 2014.

Upon my initial visit, the garden was mainly laid to plum slate mulch with a small paved patio and a pink painted raised planter along the side of the house. The site boundaries were constructed of treated "feather-edge" board fencing with steel mesh industrial fencing behind.

The Design Brief was as follows: A busy young professional couple wanted a garden to "chill out" in and cook.

The main design challenge in the garden was the screening-off the views of a large industrial building to the rear and a parked up recreational vehicle on land to the side of the garden. This was to be achieved by erecting slatted privacy trellis on top of the existing fence, planting "pleached" Hornbeam screening trees in new raised timber planters and by planting vigorous climbing plants such as "mile-a-minute" that will quickly soften the trellis and erase the un-wanted view.

All timber and masonary walls were to be painted black to take attention from the industrial buildings, improve the "gaudy" colour-scheme and provide a fantastic back-drop for future planting.

At ground-level, a large blue/black granite patio is to be constructed which is large enough to accommodate a four-seater rattan "cube" dining set.

The Client is a keen cook and so a permanent engineering brick barbecue is to be constructed in the garden with adjacent raised herb-beds constructed from new "railway sleeper" style chunky timber.

The existing raised planter is to be made more useful by firstly creating an elevated seating deck made from Siberian Larch  which leads to an 4' x 9' pent roofed storage shed. Behind this, a section of retaining wall is to be removed to create a "well" for storing wheelie bins.

This design has just recently been completed and has been handed over to the Clients and it is envisioned that implementation of the garden design landscaping will be "phased" starting on-site sometime in 2014.

Location: Flemingate Development, Beverley, East Yorkshire, UK
Client: Private.
Garden Designer: David Beasley.