Garden Design

Having a wealth of both practical "hands on" and professional design experience over 25 years I can quickly assess your basic "needs" and "wants" for your outside space and take your basic design ideas to produce a stunning design concept and drawing that is easily understandable for yourself and your chosen landscape contractor.

The whole design process from initial site visit to completed design/pricing can take up to a month to implement for larger jobs but generally just takes a couple of weeks.

Price-wise, the most I have ever charged for a garden design is £1,200 and the minimum I generally charge is about £350. However, If you have firm ideas in your mind as to what you want in your garden or if you are a construction professional that just wants the drawing side done for you then I may be prepared to offer my services for less (depending on the scale/complexity of the proposed project).

What you will get in return is an accurate design drawing with 3D CAD visuals that is easily interpreted by all, build-able, satisfy's your needs and wants, suits your property/personal tastes, solves practical issues and bears future maintenance/budget in mind.