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Driveways And Front Gardens

An often neglected outside space design-wise is the front garden/driveway. In reflection, this is crazy as it's probably the garden space that gets used the most often and has the potential to give your property "kerb appeal".

Also, with recent government regulations dictating how surface-water drainage should be managed at the front of the property, the need to have your front garden/driveway professionally designed and landscaped has never been more important.

Whatever you do, don't just pick up the yellow pages and get a "block paving" company to pave every square inch of your front garden for "low-maintenance" reasons! Yes you will be able to cram lots of vehicles where they couldn't park before, but it is likely to look like an sea of concrete and it may get you in trouble with the Council.

Getting your front garden professionally designed will ensure that it complies with the governments requirements, compliments your properties architecture, has all-year-round planting interest and generally brightens up the neighborhood and really makes your property stand-out (in a good way!).

Once designed, getting your driveway/front garden constructed by a Marshalls Register Approved Contractor (such as Ashwood Services) will give you further piece of mind that your investment is in the right hands.