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3D CAD Visualisation

Prior to, say, 20 years ago, garden design drawings were produced by drawing with pens at a drawing board. I started out designing this way and it was an extremely time-consuming and, therefore, expensive way of expressing design ideas to the client/contractor.

Nowadays most professional designers like me use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to quickly produce more accurate detailed drawings and visuals to the benefit of the client, contractor and project in general.

I go one step further and insist that most of my visual output is 3D CAD imagery. 3D visuals are much easier to understand to all than flat 2D plans and I believe my use of this technology makes me a much better designer as I have to take in to account the vertical aspect of all my designs.

Many people complain that CAD drawings do not have the appeal of "hand-drawn" ones and I do agree with this to an extent and so my mission is to make my presentations look as hand-drawn as possible without actually picking up a pen or paint-brush again!